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[ NA - North America ]


[ AR - Asia-Russia ]


How to vote

(Election 2019)

1. Download Agama or Komodo Ocean - official link

2. Activate VOTE2019 Coin

3. Import your KMD private key or seed

4. Send your VOTE to one of the addresses listed




* Only first transaction will be counted as a valid vote therefore if you have multiple KMD addresses don't consolidate before sending your VOTE. Instead send your VOTE from 1 address at a time

* If you have multiple KMD addresses you will need to import each private (WIF) key 

* If you keep your KMD in an exchange you will not receive the VOTE2019 air drop as you do not own the private keys - to avoid this you will need to withdraw your KMD to and address in your wallet before April 13th - VOTE2019 air drop will happen on April 13th or 14th








Server Specification

[ EU ]

CPU AMD Epyc 7351P - 16c/ 32t - 2.4GHz / 2.9GHz
RAM 128GB DDR4 ECC 2400 MHz
Storage SoftRaid 2x1.92 TB NVMe
Location Datacenter - London, UK


[ NA ]

CPU AMD Epyc 7351P - 16c/ 32t - 2.4GHz / 2.9GHz
RAM 128GB DDR4 ECC 2400 MHz
Storage SoftRaid 2x1.92 TB NVMe
Location Datacenter - Beauharnois, Canada


[ AR ]

CPU Intel  Xeon-D 1541 - 8c/16t - 2.1GHz / 2.7GHz
RAM 64GB DDR4 ECC 2133 MHz
Storage SoftRaid 2x2 TB + 2x480 GB SSD
Location Datacenter - Singapore

Meet Our Pirate Notary Crew

Fishy Guts


20+ years experience in mortgage finance and sales

1 year active community contributor in KMD ecosystem - started community raffles to promote dICOs

Provided the KMD tip bot to the community

Persuaded DigitalPrice.io to add KMD as a base trading pair

Working with @radix42 to create a dedicated full node port of KMD to nodl which will support all asset chains

Pushed Z Address integration and adoption - something even JL777 was skeptical about

Team role: Project management, Consultant, Community liaison, Zcommerce promoter, Onboarding


Mr Lynch

First Mate

18+ years ICT experience: system administration and security (red/blue team; mostly red)

 Early crypto miner (late 2010)

 Security Analyst by day, full time Pirate and KMD supporter

Created the ARRR Sapling bot which provides the Pirate community useful info

Took part in early testing of Sapling migration

Assisted the community through the migration from sprout to sapling

Early tester of Barterlly

PrivateBay pool operator

NN Testnet results -> https://notarystats.info/testnet.php

Team role: Technical contact, Node operations & security, Zcommerce enabler

Our Commitment

Our commitment is to the KMD Ecosystem and Pirate (ARRR) therefore almost all the reward will support that

Support the Komodo Ecosystem

Peak performance Node operations

Promote and enhance Zcommerce



For ALL interest blocks larger than 100 KMD:

* 50% of reward will go towards the Pirate Development fund
* 50% of reward will go towards the node operators

Disclaimer: Node server costs are in FIAT, therefore all distributions will be made after the costs are covered (300 KMD server cost is based on past 3 months KMD / USD rates)

What is a Notary Node?

Excerpts from the original documentation

* 64 special nodes which can create a network of its own dPoW (delayed Proof of Work) peer-to-peer network and communicate with each other exchanging the latest blocks and dPoW consensus information related to the blockchains it is securing. The nodes in this dPoW peer-to-peer network are called Notary Nodes (NN).

* Since dPoW was first created, there have been 4 Notary Nodes reserved for Komodo’s developers. This is still true today.

* The other 60 Notary Nodes are elected based on the votes of KMD holders and how they vote for the Notary Node operators.

* In the second year of Notary Nodes, the top 30 Notary Nodes that completed the most notarizations (of Komodo to Bitcoin or Assetchains to Komodo) are automatically re-elected. In other words, the best-performing notary nodes are automatically re-elected. This gives notary node operators incentive to do their job well, rewards diligent operators, and ensures a smooth transition from one cohort to the next.

* The lowest 30 Notary Nodes positions are opened to the community.

* The location of Notary Node servers must be diversified on all continents. That is why you see the existing Notary Nodes categorized in the following locations: Southern-Hemisphere (SH), Asia-Rusia (AR), North-America (NA), Europe (EU).

Continue reading about delayed Proof of Work (dPoW) here and Notary Nodes (NN) here

Contact Us

Discord@FishyGuts#5085 / @mrlynch#5735

Twitter@PirateChain / @PirateChainUK

E-mail: [email protected] / [email protected]


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